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我們所有上架的Apple Watch 錶帶都適用於最新型號的Apple Watch Ultra,Series 9, Series 8, Series 7, Series 6、SE (41mm/45mm/49mm) 和舊有的型號包括:Apple Watch Series 5(40mm / 44mm)Apple Watch Series 4(40mm / 44mm)、Apple Watch Series 3、Series 2 和 Series 1(38mm / 42mm)。香港,台灣,澳門免運費! Straptify 現已接受以下4 種香港政府電子消費券指定的支付工具: 1)支付寶香港Alipay HK 2)WeChat Pay HK 3) Tag & Go (MasterCard 及銀聯支付) 4)八達通 Straptify 成立的任務是為了提供不同款式的Apple Watch 錶帶,讓你配搭出專屬你個人風格的Apple Watch。無論上班,休閒,運動,總有一款適合你的生活風格。 All of our Apple Watch straps are suitable for the latest models of Apple Watch Ultra, Series9, Series 8, Series 7, Series 6, SE (41mm/45mm/49mm) and older models including: Apple Watch Series 5 (40mm / 44mm) Apple Watch Series 4 (40mm / 44mm), Apple Watch Series 3 , Series 2 and Series 1 (38mm / 42mm). Free shipping in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau! Straptify's mission is to provide different styles of Apple Watch straps, allowing you to pair up your own personal style Apple Watch. No matter the work, leisure, sports, there is always a lifestyle that suits you. Straptify.store by MYMATCH